Wake up notice to IAM, SPEEA and WA State

The news that Boeing is leaning toward proceeding with a new airplane instead of a re-engined 737 serves as yet another wake-up call for Boeing’s labor unions and Washington State officials to get their act together. As we… Read More

USTR on subsidizing the A350

US Trade Rep. Ron Kirk was in Seattle this week and Aubry Cohen of The Seattle P-I has this story about the prospect of further European subsidies (or Reimbursable Launch Aid in Airbus jargon) for the A350.

KC-X’s latest twist: Contract after the election

Update, May 5: The Pentagon denied the Defense News story. Here’s Defense News’ own report. Original Post: In a move that probably surprises no one, the Defense Department says it will issue the contract for the KC-X on… Read More

OEM implications from UA-CO merger

This is our quick take because we’re really busy. Don’t assume Airbus or Boeing will be the long-term exclusive supplier to the new United. Even though Continental’s Jeff Smisek is the new CEO and he’s from the Continental-exclusive-Boeing-customer… Read More