WTO appeals panel upholds Boeing subsidy findings

Word is leaking out in advance of Monday’s public release of the appeal of a WTO finding that Boeing benefited from illegal subsidies that the appeals panel upheld the findings. Additional reports: Here and here. Boeing has previously… Read More

Spirit, Airbus and Boeing: take-aways from analyst day

Spirit Aerosystems held an aerospace analyst day March 7 and several reports have already been issued. Given Spirit’s close association with Boeing 7-Series programs, we thought the following is useful information. Spirit is also a major supplier to… Read More

Filling the gap until re-engine

Reuters has this interesting story from Airbus and a focus on selling the A320ceo (Current Engine Option) to fill in production slots in 2015-17 (2013-14 slots are sold out) while waiting for the A320neo (New Engine Option) production… Read More

Republicans in Congress out to lunch on Ex-Im Bank funding

The politically-focused publication The Hill has an article that describes a Republican Party that is completely out of touch with reality on the Ex-Im Bank funding of exports. Ex-Im supports a broad spectrum of industries, but is especially… Read More

Congressman from Boeing to retire

Norm Dicks, the prominent Congressman from Boeing who made winning the KC-X contract for Boeing the “highlight” of his career, announced today he is retiring. Dicks has one of the safest Democratic seats in the State of Washington…. Read More