Paris Air Show Orders, Day 1

June 17, 2019, (c) Leeham News: Here are the orders and commitments for Day 1 of the Paris Air Show, courtesy of Airfinance Journal.

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  1. I suspect that this Paris Air Show will be a disaster for Boeing. It may be a cathartic moment, a trip to the proverbial woodshed. And they deserve it. Having been a Boeing fan from my earliest flying days, I am deeply disappointed and betrayed. I am hoping they recover soon from this self-inflicted wound.

  2. This is just a list of orders. Leehamnews dedicated 3 separate articles on MAX on first day of Paris Airshow but nothing else from what other news happened at Airshow. Leehamnews talked more about MAX then Boeing did it air show. Come on guys you have done better reporting then this on previous air show. Let Boeing deal with its mess and when something new comes out then report about MAX. You guys are now repeating or reporting on what others are saying about MAX. That’s not new news.

    • MAX is big news, many grounded, Boeing churning out more and trying to find more parking spaces,airlines are in need of the MAX coming back on line and hopefully the MAX will be back soon.

      • Actually the MAX is the big story of the Paris Airshow. I bet it’s the key topic in pretty much every conversation there, from the breakfast table to the final glass of Bordeaux.

        If Boeing can’t fix it, what is very well possible, this will change the air travel industry for good.

  3. It appears the GECAS orders are missing from the list. They ordered:

    10 Boeing 777Fs, With Options for 15 Boeing 737-800BCFs

    9 A220-300

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