Leeham News and Comment was created in February 2008, principally focusing on news, events and analysis of issues involving Airbus and Boeing. News and Comment is a direct outgrowth of a section that previously appeared on our corporate website, Leeham.net, which was created in 2005.

News and Comment principally covers Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer issues but also includes emerging competitors, the engine OEMs, supply chain issues and the airline industry.

Scott Hamilton is the editor of News and Comment. He is also managing director of Leeham Co., which was formed in 1999 following the sale of the company he co-founded, co-owned and co-managed, Linkraven Ltd.

Leeham Co. provides consulting services to the aerospace industry, including identifying business trends and opportunities, competitive intelligence.

Linkraven Ltd., founded in 1989, published the internationally-distributed Commercial Aviation Report and Commercial Aviation Value Report; and organized conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas under the Commercial Aviation Events banner. During the 10 years Mr. Hamilton and his partner owned and operated Linkraven, Commercial Aviation Report, Value Report and Events became internationally recognized for their breaking news reporting and high-quality conferences. The influential publications regularly beat larger and more established magazines and newspapers with news about the airline industry.

Mr. Hamilton is frequently called by broadcast and print media to offer expert analysis about the issues of the day.

Mr. Hamilton is a regular speaker at aviation conferences and corporate events. From 2010-2013 he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance.

Mr. Hamilton has in the past and may at any time directly or indirectly invest in, or consult with cargo and/or passenger airlines, advisors, aircraft lessors, investment banks, manufacturers and/or other segments of commercial aviation. Current and past clients have had or currently have business relationships with Airbus and Boeing and/or have ordered or may order Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier or Embraer aircraft. Accordingly, Client relationships have in the past and may in the future require coordination and/or cooperation with Airbus and/or Boeing to achieve Client objectives.

Bjorn Fehrm focuses on technical evaluation for LNC and complements the strategic expertise of Mr. Hamilton.

Mr. Fehrm joins Leeham Co and LNC as Aeronautical and Economical analyst. He has a background as an aeronautical engineer and Fighter pilot from the Swedish Air Force where he flew the Draken and worked on the Viggen and Gripen programs. After leaving the Air Force he worked at SAAB with the Gripen program in the area of countermeasures.

Fehrm is the developer and expert on Leeham Co’s aircraft model, which enables a complete performance analysis of aircraft from aerodynamical data to cost of operation. The model is now expanded to include the revenue side of civil airliner operations.

Fehrm, the holder of four worldwide patents in Aeronautics/High tech. is married and the father of two children. He lives with his wife near Nice in the south of France.

Contact Information:

Leeham is located on Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 USA
Telephone 206-317-6952
General E-Mail: LeehamCompany at Leeham.net
Scott Hamilton: scott at leeham.net

Bjorn Fehrm: bemmve at gmail.com