Can airlines internally rapidly reduce CO2 and delays?

 Subscription Required  By Michael Baiada Special to Leeham News Michael Baiada July 31, 2023, © Leeham News: Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), battery- or hydrogen-powered airplanes, eVTOLS and Advanced Air Mobility vehicles get all the headlines when it comes… Read More

Congestion costs billions, but airlines show little concern

Subscription required Introduction  March 21, 2019, © Leeham News: There are many estimates for how much flight delays and disruptions cost airlines and passengers. But everyone agrees the total number is big—possibly more than $1bn for each major… Read More

A simple solution to congested skies

By Dan Catchpole Danieljcatchpole[at]gmail[dot]com Subscription Required Introduction Feb. 14, 2019, ©. Leeham News: Flight delays cost the airline industry Traffic back ups are increasing–so much so that Airbus has invested in improving air traffic management to avoid congestion… Read More