Industry-Leading News

Leeham News and Comment has established a record of providing industry-leading news. We identify trends early and we often break news before the mainstream and specialized trade press.

Among our industry-leading reports:

  • We were the first to report that Airbus would increase the range of the A350-1000 and that Rolls-Royce would develop a higher-thrust engine to power the -1000.
  • We were the first to report that Airbus developed the A321LR (Long Range) to replace the Boeing 757.
  • We are routinely the first to report higher rate production plans at Airbus and Boeing.
  • In December 2013 we concluded that Airbus had to proceed with the A330neo to bolster the A330 line and that without the neo, Airbus was headed toward a 35% market share of wide-body airplanes. We were months ahead of the next group to reach the same conclusion. Airbus launched the program at the Farnborough Air Show in June 2014.
  • In January 2014 we concluded Airbus had to launch the A380neo to bolster the A380 program. We were a year ahead of the next group to reach the same conclusion. Airbus said it January 2015 that it will eventually develop the A380neo, but as of March 2015 has not yet launched the program.
  • We began reporting as early as 2013 why Bombardier is having difficulties selling the CSeries, nearly two years ahead of the others.
  • We’ve began reporting in early 2014 detailed analysis on the potential replacements for the Boeing 757, well ahead of others.
  • We reported in October 2014 that Boeing is studying co-development of a single-aisle and a New Light Twin to replace the 737 and 757, months ahead of an industry-leading aviation trade magazine.

Leeham News and Comment has earned a reputation of spotting trends early, breaking news and telling it like it is, without buying into hype and fluff or soft-soaping the facts.

February 2015.