Scott Hamilton, Managing Editor

Scott Hamilton is the managing editor of Leeham News and Analysis. Having spent more than three decades in the aviation news industry, he was named Best Aerospace Journalist of the Year in 2009 in the Regional Airline Category and served on the Board of Directors for Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance from 2010 to 2013.

Before creating LNA, Hamilton co-founded Linkraven Ltd. in 1989. Linkraven published the internationally distributed Commercial Aviation Report and Commercial Aviation Value Report; and organized conferences in Asia, Europe and the Americas under the Commercial Aviation Events banner. During the 10 years Hamilton and his partner owned and operated Linkraven, their publications and events became internationally recognized for their breaking news reporting and high-quality conferences. The influential publications regularly beat larger and more established magazines and newspapers with news and analysis about the airline industry.

Hamilton is known for his straight-shooting, call-it-like-it-is take on news and events and applies his decades of industry experience to offer perspective and analysis. Broadcast and print media frequently call him for expert analysis about the issues of the day. LNA regularly breaks international news that wire services and other media pick up.

As a regular speaker and moderator at aviation conferences and corporate events, Hamilton has recently teamed up with Airfinance Journal to produce another series of conferences that bring his stimulating, conversational and interactive format back to the industry.

Bjorn Fehrm, Aeronautical and Economic Analyst

Bjorn Fehrm joined Leeham News and Analysis as Aeronautical and Economic analyst. He focuses on technical evaluation for LNA, providing a level of technical and aircraft economic reporting rarely seen among aviation writers. He has a background as an aeronautical engineer and fighter pilot from the Swedish Air Force where he flew the Draken and worked on the Viggen and Gripen programs. After leaving the Air Force, he worked at SAAB with the Gripen program in the area of counter-measures.

Fehrm is the developer and expert on Leeham Company’s Aircraft Model, which enables a complete performance analysis of aircraft from aerodynamic data to cost of operation. Fehrm holds four worldwide patents in Aeronautics/High technology. He was one of four aviation journalists to be afforded the opportunity to fly the Airbus A350-900 and provide a pilot’s report. In addition, he has flown the CS300/A220-300 as one of three aviation journalists. His stories may be read here, here, here and here.

Tom Batchelor is an aviation journalist with a long resume, including contributor to Airliner World, AIR International, Airports International, Arabian Aerospace and Farnborough International News Network. For LNA, Batchelor covers European suppliers and backstops Bjorn Fehrm for Airbus coverage. His email is tom (at)

Dan Catchpole covered news from Seattle to Tbilisi. He wrote about the aerospace industry for Leeham News & Analysis, Fortune, the Everett Daily Herald, the Associated Press, and other outlets. He was twice a member of a team nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He lives with his wife and their three children in Seattle. His email is dan (at)

Kathryn B. Creedy

Kathryn B. Creedy is an award-winning veteran aviation/travel journalist and author who has covered every facet of commercial and business aviation.

Creedy’s aviation career began with the regional airline industry in the immediate US post-deregulation period that began in 1979. She founded the weekly newsletter, Commuter/Regional Airline News, in 1982 building it to become the bible of the industry. She also co-founded its sister publication, London-based C/R News International in 1987, covering the European market.

Since then, she has reported on major airlines, airports, business aviation, aviation/aerospace workforce issues and development, corporate travel management, maintenance, repair and overhaul, passenger experience, technology developments to enhance ancillary revenues and other unfolding issues surrounding air transportation.

Based on the Space Coast of Florida, Creedy is the author of Time Flies–The History of SkyWest Airlines in which she chronicled the post-deregulation history of the US regional airline industry. It remains the only book to have used an airline as a case study to represent the broader regional airline industry after deregulation.

Judson Rollins is an Amsterdam-based airline strategist experienced in fleet planning, network planning, scheduling, and revenue management. He has worked with 20+ airlines on four continents, both full-service and low-cost, and two aircraft manufacturers. His email is judson (at)

Chris Sloan is joining LNA on an interim basis covering the supply chain. Sloan is a long-time aviation journalist, senior editor, and analyst ranging with publications including Air Transport World, Aviation Week, Flight Global, Airliner World, Airways, and CNN. Sloan is known for his strong access and on the spot coverage of major industry events and executives. His unique fascination with “firsts” and “lasts” finds him covering inaugural routes and flights onboard the A380, A350, 787, A220, 747-8I, as well as the last DC-10, and U.S. scheduled operations of the MD-80. Sloan is curator and webmaster of TheAirchive.NetThe hub of the history of Air Transport. He is also an Emmy Award television producer and entrepreneur owning 2C Media, a major production company and entertainment agency. His philanthropic efforts are a significant portion of his life, as co-founder of Caleb and Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation. When not on the road, Sloan resides with his son and wife in Miami and Key West, Florida.