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We offer a combination of Paid and Free content. The free content typically covers general news and events, the latter being conferences that we cover and events at which are open to news media and industry stakeholders at large. We will continue to post on our Free Content certain original news reporting plus our usual policy of providing links to news reports, studies and other information originating with third parties.

We often provide breaking and industry-leading news ahead of trade magazines and daily specialty newspapers and websites.

The Premium content provides detailed aircraft economic analysis, trends, certain one-on-one interviews and news that is uniquely generated by Leeham News and Comment. Our in-depth aircraft economic analysis provides detailed economic data, including Cash Operating Costs, Direct Operating Costs and standardized parameters from our proprietary model to remove bias built in by the OEMs to favor their products. We blow past the self-promoting fluff of OEMs and provide independent analysis not sponsored by any company or stakeholder.

  • We ask the hard questions.
  • We make observations and “calls” the way we see them.
  • We’re not beholden to any company.

Our trends analysis often identifies months ahead of others. Our one-on-one interviews provide real information, not record-and-play videocasts or podcasts that simply provide what amount to advertisements masquerading as news.

We generally have two-three Paywall features per week.

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  • Blackberry web browser
  • Windows Mobile phones up to version 6.5
  • Android mobile phone default browser on Android OS 2.x

Be sure you have a newer OS.

Certain corporate IT systems may block blogs in general, and a specific White Listing of may be required.

Cancellations: Once a paid subscription has been entered, it may be cancelled only at the next renewal cycle.