Predict: What will be the most momentous event of 2013?

2013 stands to be a pretty eventful year, and we’ve listed thoughts for you to vote on. We’ll hide results until voting is complete.

Now a key question: SPEEA and Boeing are on a collision course. Talks resume Jan. 9, but SPEEA already is on record believing talks will immediately collapse. A strike date of Feb. 1 is targeted, but membership has to take a strike vote before a walk out can occur. It’s your turn to vote:

If a contract agreement is not reached, will SPEEA actually go on strike or will talks continue?

10 comments on “Predict: What will be the most momentous event of 2013?

  1. I wish all my friends here on a “Happy New Years” and a wonderful/prosperous and healthy 2013.

    2013 is shaping up to be another great year in aviation.

  2. What with the stock buyback and the arrogance of the Boeing team in claiming ‘ hard times’, my guess is a strike of about 40 to 45 days. everyone loses

  3. Among the options listed, it’s definitely between the A350’s first flight and AA&US merging. Except if it doesn’t happen, there’s almost no way the A350’s FF won’t be one of the most momentous events of 2013.

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