It’s Northrop Grumman!

Just got word from three sources-Northrop Grumman!

USAF changes specs, may taint process

Incredibly, Reuters reported yesterday that the Air Force changed its criteria at the last minute in the KC-X program that lowered the score of the Northrop Grumman KC-30 proposal. The Mobile Press-Register reports that Boeing’s KC-767 score was… Read More

US Airways says ‘no’ to A340 China lift

US Airways received an award to fly from Philadelphia to China in 2009 and there were wide reports that the company was looking for Airbus A340s to serve as interim lift until the A350 could be delivered beginning… Read More

Dodging a bullet

Boeing dodged a bullet when a court refused to let a discrimination lawsuit go forward, but the bullet missed two targets: the discrimination itself but also perhaps the tanker contract. We’re told that under federal rules, Boeing could… Read More

Welcome to this new format

Welcome to this new page for news and comment by Leeham Co LLC. This allows us to be more flexible and timely on matters Airbus and Boeing, and by extension EADS, Northrop Grumman (concerning the KC-30 tanker) and… Read More