Airplane crossing

St. Maarten landing. Via

The landings at St. Maarten in the Caribbean are notorious for being close to the beach. This is the best photo we’ve ever seen of just how close.

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  1. Nice Photoshop image. Anybody who believes this picture needs serious help. The vary end of a runway, please we are not stupid. Anyone who knows the profile of runways knows what would happen if this was real, especially with a sandy beach substrate.

  2. It’s real, not photoshop…. Air France has twice knocked down the fence with the mains on a 747 landing a little short. The runway is only 7800 ft. long.

  3. Bill is right. This is not Photoshop. Check out the videos on YouTube of airplanes landing and taking off from St. Maarten. They literally buzz the beach.

  4. Ha ha, it is a sad state of affairs when anything amazing is immediately attributed to Photoshop and Special Effects..

  5. it still might be photpshop’d . . that planes looks out of scale wrt the width of the runway.

  6. It’s a real picture, Jerry. One of my co-workers has a time-share near this beach. He sits in a bar out there and watched the jets land just down the beach.

  7. LMAO! I’m from St. Maarten folks. St. Maarten was in Ripley’s Believe it or not for out Notorious Landings.
    The reason the plane looks out of scale is because the runway is tiny 🙂
    The reason the plane is so close to the fence.. which it has indeed knocked down twice (and the airlines had to pay to repair) as again because the runway is not as long as it is supposed to be. The pilots take special flight simulated courses to be able to land here.
    Atleast google something before you on about it being fake

  8. I believe its as real as it gets. I wish I could afford a ticket to ST. Maartens. I’d sit on the beach all day w/ my favorite beverage in awe at what talent lies above!

  9. whoever thinks this is fake needs to google landings there and see it for there own eyes

  10. i am from sint.maarten and you better come on vacation and see it for your self it is real

  11. I was there in May 2011 for our DC-7B trip and witnessed these landings. Fabulous sight-seeing to say the least.


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