Lufthansa committed to 747-8, expects more delays

Flight Global has this report about Lufthansa remaining committed to the 747-8I, but that it expects more delays, a knock-on effect from the continuing 787 problems.

We previously revealed that roll-out has slipped from September to November, according to what we are told. We also understand from two sources that the fuel burn of the GEnx engines is running at least 4% over target in initial flight testing by GE on its 747 test bed.This applies to both the 787 and 747 GEnx.

GE’s spokesman calls the reports “bull[stuff].” He said air leakage and other things around the nacelle are causing higher burn but these will be fixed, a view echoed by Boeing, but in contrast with what we’re told that there is no easy or near-term (ie, within months) fix.

The 747-8F is overweight (something previously acknowledged by Boeing). We’re told the 787 problems continue to divert engineering resources from the 747 program, and those familiar with the situation fully expect Boeing to announce another write-off when earnings are announced in July (we have no other insight on this one).

3 Comments on “Lufthansa committed to 747-8, expects more delays

  1. Seems like the economic downturn will help Boeing here. Will many cargo operators or Lufthansa complain if they don’t have to pay for new jumbo aircraft over the next year or two?

  2. Continual diversion of engineering resources is a sign that Boeing has diminished itself regards it’s capabilities, for the sake of making numbers.

  3. Regarding Lufthansa and 747-8, I think the delays are a win-win situation for both Boeing and Lufthansa, as long as Boeing can avoid payment of extensive contract penalties.
    Actually, Lufthansa is not interested to get their 20 pcs. of 747-8I too soon, as they anyway suffer from over-capacity at the moment and in the near future.

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