An airline with a sense of humor

No commentary needed. More photos after the jump. We don’t know the origin of these; we received them by email. Click on the photo to get a larger, more readable image.

14 Comments on “An airline with a sense of humor

  1. Kulula! This would be South African. The schpiel the flight attendants give before each flight is really funny too. Wish we did more of that in the US.

  2. Yup, they’re from South Africa. They have pretty interesting designs on their other aircraft too. They have a full camo paint scheme on one with the words “They’ll never see us coming”.

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  4. Ha, I love it! Too bad this plane would never fly (pardon the pun) in the US. Nonetheless, I love it.

    • Actual they did fly in the US but only once when they rolled off the Boeing assembly line in Seattle and then headed to South Africa. Too Bad. If anyone rembers SONG they were a little off beat as well. Every so often you can pick out a former Song Flight attendant on Delta flights. They still ham it up a little.

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  6. Looks like the photos were taken in Shannon Airport, Ireland (SNN). Aer Lingus logo on the hangar in the background.

  7. if that is airlingus i have to say that i hate them, terrible service in my opinion!

  8. Well I guess they are making a self explanatory plane. I wonder if they have directions on the inside.

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