Key conferences coming up

There are a couple of key conferences coming up that we want to particularly bring to the attention of our readers.

In Washington State, there is the Innovation Summit next Friday, April 9.

Aside from the fact we’re appearing on the aerospace panel (our third conference appearance this year already), this summit goes well beyond commercial aerospace and also deals with defense and non-defense issues, including clean technology.

Which leads us to the Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference April 27-29 in the “other Washington,” WA DC. With aviation moving toward biofuels at an increasingly rapid pace is an important event.

Then there is the Making a Difference: Aerospace Leadership for Energy and Environmental Challenges May 11-12, also in Washington, DC. This is a particularly attractive program. This one is sponsored by AIAA, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

Coupled with Aviation Week’s Eco-Aviation conference (dates this year still to be announced), these provide the most comprehensive opportunities in the US for aviation environmental conferences.

Aviation Week’s 2009 conference.

Airfinance Journal has its 30th Annual conference April 26-27 in New York City. This is a premier aviation conference that focuses on commercial aviation finance.

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