Enviro Aerospace conferences this week, next month

Here is a good enviro-aerospace conference coming up next month that provides one of the broadest coverage of topics to anyone interested in the emerging green-aviation issues. Sponsored by the AIAA, the conference

is called Making a Difference: Aerospace Leadership for Energy and Environmental Challenges.

“Making A Difference” has about the best agenda and broad spectrum of speakers we’ve seen of any enviro-aviation conference in the US. Representatives of the FAA, Air Transport Association, Shell [Oil] Global Solutions, the Office of Science and Technology of the Office of the President of the United States, MIT, Billy Glover, Boeing’s top enviro guru, the USAF, Delta Air Lines, EADS, United Technologies (parent of Pratt & Whitney), NASA and a number of other top-level organizations, agencies and companies are speakers. This event is May 11-12 in Washington (DC).

This follows an event this week (April 27-29), also in Washington, entitled Advanced Biofuels leadership Conference. The Air Transport Associationm United Airlines, Lufthansa, the FAA’s CAAFI bio-fuels group, FedEX, several biofuels companies, UOP (the Honeywell company at the forefront of aviation biofuels) and US Airways are among the companies, agencies and groups at this conference.

These two conferences provide the broadest possible coverage of these enviro-aerospace topics.

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