Not from the Paris Air Show: Move Over; riding in a DC-3

In a week dominated by Paris Air Show news, we have a couple of unrelated items.

We saw this car in a parking lot and couldn’t resist taking a picture. Note the writing on the windshield and how it would be legible in your review mirror as the car comes up behind you.


And then back to aviation, we took a ride in the ex-Pan Am DC-3 over the weekend. It’s owned by the Historic Flight Foundation in Everett (WA).


Photo by Scott Hamilton


Photo by Scott Hamilton

6 Comments on “Not from the Paris Air Show: Move Over; riding in a DC-3

    • It was actually pretty quiet. The airplane went from Pan Am to a corporate conversion and had additional insulation. It still had the corporate interior and the aft windows, if you look closely, had been modified for the corporate use. The DC-3 was quieter than the DC-7B we rode in during our May 2011 excursion. Of course, that had four, larger pistons.

  1. I flew in a DC-3 back in 1997, from Havana to a smaller island south of Cuba. Quite a fun experience. I don’t think it was done up as nice as the one Scott flew in.

  2. What was the price per seat and how long was your flight?

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