Thoughts for Seattle’s KOMO TV

Personal note:

I’m down at ISTAT in San Diego and have just learned of the crash of a KOMO TV News helicopter in Seattle, killing two and critically injuring one. The names haven’t been released yet, so I don’t know if I know them.

But I do know many of the people at KOMO. Being based in Seattle, I occasionally appear on KOMO as a talking head on aerospace issues.

My thoughts go out to the KOMO family.

Scott Hamilton

4 Comments on “Thoughts for Seattle’s KOMO TV

  1. It looks like the engine might have failed while taking off at the foot of the Space Needle. In addition to the two occupants there is a third man on the ground in critical condition. A similar accident happened in London recently.

  2. Air tragedies are always bad. They seem even worse when you know someone who was aboard. I am so sorry for you Scott and your friends who may have been aboard.

  3. Hi Scott,

    Too bad about KOMO. I was downtown when it happened and saw the smoke.

    Congratulations on your MSNBC appearance.

    Larry Brown
    Legislative & Political Director
    Aerospace Machinists 751
    206 764-0306 (office)
    206 713-2437 (cell)

  4. Hi Scott:

    The two victims are photographer Bill Strothman and pilot Gary Fitzner.

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