GE Aero sees growth through 2026, despite supply chain snags

By Bryan Corliss

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Sept. 15, 2023, © Leeham News – Demand for aircraft engines and spare parts will continue to grow in 2025-26, but perhaps at a slower rate than what the industry is currently experiencing, the CFO of GE Aerospace said at an investor conference Thursday.

“Clearly the demand is robust,” Rahul Gai, who is CFO of both GE and GE Aerospace, told investors gathered at Morgan Stanley’s annual Laguna Conference. “We are trying to ensure we meet the demand expectations.” 

GE Aero plans to deliver some 2,000 LEAP engines next year, which is up from this year’s projected total of 1,700, he said. This comes even as the company continues to deal with supply chain constraints caused in part by a lack of skilled labor. 

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