Scott Hamilton has been a speaker at US domestic and International conferences throughout his aviation career. As co-owner of Linkraven Ltd., a British company that owned Commercial Aviation Report, Commercial Aviation Value Report and Commercial Aviation Events, Mr. Hamilton wrote the programs for and moderated 40 conferences staged by Commercial Aviation Events over 10 years.

Mr. Hamilton has presented at conferences organized by the following:

  • Aerospace Companies
  • Aircraft Finance and Commercial Aviation Conference, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Economic Development Commission of Snohomish County (WA)
  • Governor’s Aerospace Summit (WA)
  • Institute for International Research Aircraft Finance Conference, New York City
  • Investment Banks
  • Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance
  • Washington Policy Center
  • Washington Public Ports Association

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  1. I would suggest including a post about the recent excellent article by Dominick Gates on the current culture at Boeing. It is driving a lot of discussion internally at Boeing.

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