First meaningful 787s cancellations coming

Look for the first meaningful Boeing 787 cancellations to appear, perhaps as early as this month, due to delays and the economy.

By “meaningful” we mean more than the one from some obscure airline that has already occurred. And we are not talking about Delta/Northwest, which has been publicly hinted at by Delta.

The positions would revert to Boeing, which would not resell them but would absorb them to relieve–however slightly–the pressures on the delivery stream brought on by two years of delays.

In terms of financial impact to the 787 program, this particular cancellation isn’t all that great–after all, there are 900+ orders. But there will be a cash-cost (compensation) to Boeing, we understand, because of the delays to the customer.

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  1. Hello this is a response to the 787 delay the problem is that boeing thought that because the 757/767/777 have composites in certain parts of the aircraft they could make an airplane all composite and that’s where they are wrong because until today there is not an airplane out there that flies all composite and never been tested if they go the traditional way like using aluminium alloys or titanium alloy with composite wrapped around it or composites in certain parts of the airplane they wouldn’t had this problem they have now the other thing they have in concern now is the fuselage and the windows why they didn’t make traditional size windows just a couple inches wider than A350 AND 777? why because they are promising too much fancy things on the airplane that it hasn’t be build 75 percent what boeing should really do with the 787 is do it the traditional way and with the lightest and strongest metal out there like titanium and its alloys and I bet they would get more nautical miles on the aircraft

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