Nominated for Aerospace Journalist of the Year-2009 Awards

We were notified that we have been nominated for a Journalist of the Year Award for a 2008 piece we did for Aviation and the Environment magazine. The piece, Suddenly it’s very crowded out there, is about the proliferation of regional airliners.

The awards dinner will be Sunday before the Paris Air Show begins. There are 14 categories (our nomination was in Regional Aircraft). The full nomination list may be found here.

Among those nominated are journalists we know well: Jon Ostrower for his Flightblogger (three nominations); Geoff Thomas at Air Transport World; Aimee Turner, then of Flight International (now of Aviation Week); Jason Holland of Aviation and the Environment; Niall O’Keeffe of Airline Business/Flight International (two nominations); Mark Kirby of Airline Business; Guy Norris of Aviation Week (two nominations); and many others we don’t know.

3 Comments on “Nominated for Aerospace Journalist of the Year-2009 Awards

  1. Just a thought: According to their own website, “The international Aerospace Journalist of the Year Awards are the world’s most important awards for aviation writers and broadcasters.”
    However, only one entrant, Matthias Gruender, Flug Review, seems to be none UK-USA.
    Does this mean that the “international Aerospace Journalist” only speaks English, or that other nations just write rubbish, or that they do not care about this “world’s most important award”?

  2. Geoff Thomas is Australian, if this counts, Bernard. But we’ll check out the accents for you at the ceremony.

  3. Congratulations. Well deserved nomination, at least in my view as a cursory observer of the aviation world. Good luck in the selection!


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