EADS surpasses Boeing

EADS, parent of Airbus, surpassed Boeing last year as the world’s largest aerospace company.

With revenues suppressed by the 57 day IAM strike, Boeing slipped to number 2 in a study of 67 companies by Deloitte.

If the name Deloitte sounds familiar, it should. Deloitte Consulting did the recent study that panned Washington State’s aerospace competitiveness, a key component in whether Boeing stays or goes in Washington. Another Deloitte firm is Boeing’s auditor. The consulting-auditor relationship led labor unions to charge the competitiveness study was tainted.

We wonder how the unions will explain away this study.

3 Comments on “EADS surpasses Boeing

  1. “We wonder how the unions will explain away this study”

    I’ll take a shot for them.

    ‘Boeing has been terribly inept at labor relations since the Mac D merger’.

    Not to say that the unions have always be right, (not by a longshot) but Boeing became openly hostile post merger towards the unions and then knocked them to the ground and kicked the crap out of them immediatly post 9-11. Hard feelings over that still.

    It just seems to me that Boeing’s approach begets union activism in response, and one can only note that EADS doesn’t seem to have the same problems, which they could very easily. Much more easily than Boeing. The German Metal workers’s union would be building roadblocks of burning tires, the french taking mid level managers hostage if EADS tried the Boeing way, which is basically the way of arrogant condescention.

    Boeing’s rhetoric towards the machinist’s union in particular, post strike until a couple of weeks ago, is a good tell. It blamed them for everything but the rain. The union on the other hand, responded meekly if at all. Now they have apparantly, for the time being, kissed and made up. The taxpayer in Washington should be on full alert. The unholy alliance is about to get DEEP into your back pocket.

  2. He is right. All Boeing’s fault. These Union Workers are SAINTS. Hardworking, the Co.’s best intrest always at heart……..YA, I believe it?

    Actually, I had a cousin who worked there, and he had a strong work ethic. The union guys gave him HELL for working too hard and being too productive, because it made the rank and file look bad. They drove him out. (he has done very well since)

    No matter how thin you make the pancake, there is always ‘two sides’

  3. Onemancrew has a point. If a strong union is the problem at Boeing, why is a consortium from “socialist” Europe beating it?

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