A little irreverence

We came across a news item that in the wake of the weird new Russia’s United Aircraft Co. will bid for the KC-X that just seems to call for a moment of irreverence.

Let’s recall that as a youth, we learned that to clean the gunk that built up on automobile battery terminals, you could use Coca Cola. (What this does to your insides, one can only imagine.) Then there are the numerous reports that too many hamburgers and hot dogs, sweeteners and such can cause cancer.

Now here’s the irreverent news item. It seems that, according to this report, aviation can use apricots to strip the paint off airplanes.

We’ll have to stick with ice cream….

1 Comments on “A little irreverence

  1. What is so odd about using crushed apricot pits to sandblast parts? Walnut shells have been used for a century.

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