A320, 737 Re-engine picks up steam

This story has suddenly picked up speed as both Airbus and Boeing discuss re-engine options for their single aisle airplanes. Scott Hamilton and Jon Ostrower discuss the nuances facing both firms – the engine options, the competitor moves and of course, the CSeries which seems to be driving a lot more of the discussion than many would give it credit for. The stakes are huge for Airbus and Boeing as their biggest money makers are faced with being leapfrogged by new engine technologies that enable a CSeries to take away crucial orders. Republic’s recent order was more influential than many think – and the chance to win at United is quite real for the CSeries. Consequently a lot of time is being spent at Airbus and Boeing talking, designing and considering options. This is a fascinating story unfolding before us.

Here is a 28 minute podcast by Innovation Analysis Group on this subject. It could have been longer….

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  1. Though many doubted it, Bombardier succeeded 20 years ago with the RJ. They got a bit carried away with too many aircraft programs in the 90s which left them a bit weak. Let’s see if they can surprise the world again with the C-Series.

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