Mystery Photo #6

Try this one. It is an airplane.


Readers were correct: Saab Draken.


Thanks to reader Martin for this week’s Mystery Photo.

15 Comments on “Mystery Photo #6

    • Naa, lips too full 😉

      the eggs are nice, though.

      afaics the Draken intake is less symmetric ( imho slightly deeper lower lobe )
      and the metal flange seems to also not go around the leading edge.

  1. Saab Draken, probably a two seater from the NTPS? There are not too many in the US. Could be an ex-Danish AF example… 😉

  2. Can I ask a question Scott? It was nothing to do with the topic, but Leahy says he’s close to signing a MOU for a significant A380 order. Speculation as to who it might be?

      • Why not an initial commitment from EK? They’ve said they want more and JL has said he wanted to book 30 this year. I’ve been expecting such a move between friends; let’s wait and see…

      • ‘Significant’, read into that what you want, big order, new customer, would love it to be the 900!

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