Mystery Photo #13

OK, how about this one? Sorry about the size.

Mystery 13

Carvair is correct. We thought some might say the Douglas DC-7C since the tail of the Carvair is often thought to be from the DC-7C.


Meantime below is entertainment (not the Mystery Photo):


Mystery Photo #12

Which airplane is this from?

Mystery #12

Damn, you readers are good. But no, we didn’t take the photo. We also thought you might have guessed the Comet, from which the Caravelle got its cockpit.


Mystery Photo #11

Mystery 11<—Mystery photo

Update, Feb. 10: Looks like we stumped you on the Mystery Photo above. (We’ll take our victories where we can.)


This is a Soviet K-7 bomber designed before WW II. Never went into production.


While you are trying to figure out the above, below is another graveyard video for you.

Not mystery photo, just entertainment, below.


And then there is this, via @airbusintheus (and no, this isn’t a mystery photo)


Mystery Photo #10

Mystery 10

OK, have at it.

Update, Feb. 3: Well for the first time we stumped readers, though Normand Hamel was 90% correct. This is the Jetcraft Mystery Jet, an attempt to make a business jet out of the Vampire. Michel Merluzeau of G2 Solutions gets credit for bringing this one to us.



Mystery Photo #9

Our eagle-eye readers are sure to get this one. What airplane is this?


UWE got it correct. It’s the Boeing 314 replica at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum.

B314 Yankee Clipper_2









We were there last week on our European trip, including a stop in Dublin. Foynes is a three hour drive west.

Mystery Photo #8

Ok, what airplane is this from? This should be pretty easy.

Mystery #8

Odds and Ends: Mystery Photo #7; Ipad father; SPEEA ups strike prep; end of the world

This is the start of Christmas weekend (none of this “Happy Holidays” stuff) and we don’t expect much news between now and the first of the year. But we’re around and may post if so inspired.

Here’s Mystery Photo #7: What is the artist rendering of this flying machine?

Mystery #7

IPad Father: And since it is Christmas and some of us old poops might be getting some newfangled toys, this video is instructive.

SPEEA Ups Strike Prep: And a Happy New Year to you, Boeing: SPEEA is increasing its preparations for a strike beginning Feb. 1. See this story. We hope somehow cooler heads prevail on both sides.

The end of the World: Today, of course, is the end of the world, according to the Mayan calendar–or so some proclaim. CNN Travel has these suggestions in keeping with this spirit. And y’all think we have a warped sense of things.

And here was the forecast for today:

Mystery Photo #6

Try this one. It is an airplane.


Readers were correct: Saab Draken.


Thanks to reader Martin for this week’s Mystery Photo.

Mystery Photo #5

The PBY and the Accountant were too easy. Even the Boeing B&W was quickly identified. How about this one? Think very broadly.

Sunday: I flim-flammed you, though CBL was close:


This car is in the LeMay Museum in Tacoma, WA.

Mystery Photo #4

Harumph. People got the “Accountant” on the first try.

How about this?