Mystery Photo #10

Mystery 10

OK, have at it.

Update, Feb. 3: Well for the first time we stumped readers, though Normand Hamel was 90% correct. This is the Jetcraft Mystery Jet, an attempt to make a business jet out of the Vampire. Michel Merluzeau of G2 Solutions gets credit for bringing this one to us.



19 Comments on “Mystery Photo #10

  1. My eyes are not as young as they use to be. I cannot tell if it is a nose gear of the F-8, like UKair said, or a tail gear from a large tail dragger like a C-47 or C-46.

  2. Mystery? Davis-Monthan, obviously. And not, it’s not a Crusader hulk, it’s a T-38.

  3. Oh, wait I get it: the “mystery photo” is the tiny one. I can’t get it to enlarge, but I’ll guess its a Skyraider tailwheel.

  4. Rudy Hillinga Why is filling out these two lines a new equirement every time I write somethingScott?

    What a waste, especially all that never used and always soon obsoleted
    military junk!

  5. The Harrier’s nosewheel ( and some other proposals ) has a pronounced “elbow”.
    But the “taste of design” for harrier and the vampire are close imho. so, a british plane?

  6. It reminds me of the Learjet 23, which in its initial incarnation used the basic structure of the Swiss P-16 ground-attack fighter aircraft.

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