Mystery Photo #12

Which airplane is this from?

Mystery #12

Damn, you readers are good. But no, we didn’t take the photo. We also thought you might have guessed the Comet, from which the Caravelle got its cockpit.


14 Comments on “Mystery Photo #12

  1. Andreas :
    New battery temperature control panel for the 787?

    Haha, was about to post the same thing. It’s the lower third of the proposed Flight Engineer’s panel.

  2. Got to be a twin engine airplane. Maybe a B-737-100/-200 or a DC-9. The two top gauges in the center column look like EPR gauges, making this airplane a P&W powered jet.

  3. Sud Aviation Caravelle … and I think that Scott took the photo in Toulouse during a visit of the Ailes Anciennes collection ( I must admit this is a difficult one. Thankfully I took loads of pictures from the AATLES Caravelle myself and could compare! 😉

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