Mystery Photo #11

Mystery 11<—Mystery photo

Update, Feb. 10: Looks like we stumped you on the Mystery Photo above. (We’ll take our victories where we can.)


This is a Soviet K-7 bomber designed before WW II. Never went into production.


While you are trying to figure out the above, below is another graveyard video for you.

Not mystery photo, just entertainment, below.


And then there is this, via @airbusintheus (and no, this isn’t a mystery photo)


22 Comments on “Mystery Photo #11

  1. To me, the mystery is how do you turn that half-inch-square thumbnail into anything viewable? Zooming in on it only converts it into a mudpie of expanded pixels… (The commenters above are, I’m assuming, responding to the larger photo from the Mojave graveyard video.)

    • Nothing we can do about the Mystery photo, which is indeed the little thumbnail. The video is NOT the mystery photo. It’s just entertainment.

    • That is the graveyard video. The mystery pic is the small griddy picture above ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. For the mystery: My guess is a thrust reverser cascade, perhaps on the airliner seen with one reverser deployed at the beginning of the video.

  3. The Mojave Aircraft Graveyard video remined me of a UK Channel 4 Ident.

    Channel 4 are synonymous for their creative Idents, an appropriate aeronautical related example here.

    Highly digitaly enhanced the delight is in the added detail, one aspect all Channel $ idents include is the numeral 4 which in this instance for the eagle eyed cleverly occures at twenty five seconds mid frame at ground level, enjoy.

    Mystery pic 10, certainly of Scottish heritage, looks like part of the Kilt I wore at my brothers wedding in Ayr.

  4. Never saw that one before. It’s really impressive! Where did you find that treasure Scott?

      • We are so sorry, but … no refunds ๐Ÿ˜‰

        As it is there are some very well done hoaxes around
        including these two I brought up.

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