Mystery Photo #8

Ok, what airplane is this from? This should be pretty easy.

Mystery #8

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  1. Cockpit-window arrangement of the four-torboprop engined Vickers Vanguard.

  2. Don’t think it’s the Vanguard – the position of the wiper doesn’t match, and neither does the shape of the windows.

    • I was going to say Bristol Britannia, but I don’t think that’s it, either. The “This should be pretty easy” tagline is just a terrible tease…

      • …that said – could it actually be a Canadair CL-44, which I think shares some genes with the Britannia?

  3. No, not a CL-44, she did not have a square window in the cente panel. I don’t think sh is a Britannia, either. It could be an early VC-10, such as the type 1101 or the 1100/1109.

    • I don’t think the square window is the middle panel, as the window to the right is not a mirrored version of the window left of the square panel. I.e. I think the window on the right is the centre panel. And with that assumption, the whole arrangement seems a pretty good match of the CL-44.

      • …also, on the VC-10, the near-triangular panels didn’t border on the centre window.

  4. It looks Russian to me…maybe something from the Ilyushin family.

  5. Definitely not a CV-990 or CV-880. Cockpit windows on these jetliners had rounded corners and as Anfromme mentions, center pane is square. I will hold with CL-44.

  6. Breaking news as a JAL 787 was been servised at Logan Airport ‘SMOKE WAS SEEN’ inside the aircraft.

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