Mystery Photo #9

Our eagle-eye readers are sure to get this one. What airplane is this?


UWE got it correct. It’s the Boeing 314 replica at the Foynes Flying Boat Museum.

B314 Yankee Clipper_2









We were there last week on our European trip, including a stop in Dublin. Foynes is a three hour drive west.

14 Comments on “Mystery Photo #9

  1. Well is a fixed pitch prop and the engine leaks, so probably British!
    Bristol monoplane?

  2. If I lighten up the dark cylinder area I can count 12 cylinders.
    whoever did a 12 (or 24…) cylinder radial engine?

  3. Do i came late? In my opinion is an early boeing 247
    Goodman Goodman quest. Congratulation

  4. May I recommend some reading: “Night over water” by Ken Follet. The 314 is the main setting for the book, they even land in Foynes…

  5. Actually took me a bit to make the connection.
    This is the public attraction at the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes , Republic of Ireland.
    A rather simplistic ( i.e. 10cyl radial ..) partial replica. I’ve been there a couple of years ago and had tipped of our host about the place.

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