Nominations Wanted for the Worst airplane/airport movies

Let’s lighten up over the Christmas holiday and get some good reader participation.

How about submitting as many nominations as you want for the Worst Movies involving airliners and/or airports. These can be as recent as Denzel Washington’s “Flight” or as old as…whatever.

These can be dramas such as Airport 77 or Airport 79: The Concorde or spoofs such as Airplane 2. Or they can be really ridiculous plots such as Snakes on a Plane. (You can guess a few of our nominations for Worst Airplane Movies….)

Make your case in nominating these movies. When it appears nominations have petered off, we’ll compile them into a poll for voting.

We also have Nominations for the Best Airplane/Airport movies.

13 Comments on “Nominations Wanted for the Worst airplane/airport movies

  1. There are so many to choose from, as referenced in our post above. The original Airport movie was really quite good, even if Dean Martin over-acted. Airport 75 with was OK, redeemed by the great aerial photography. But Airport 77 and Airport 79 have to compete neck-and-neck for the dumbest plots and acting. Jack Lemmon (Airport 77) and George Kennedy (in this context, Airport 79) shudda been mightily embarrassed.

  2. Please be advised, not to suggest any movies where eighter Airbus or Boeing jets can be identified – no reason to ruin the Christmas for KC or Kesje.

    • Great concern for those two shy and retiring gentle folk during this season of goodwill to all. Yes – let’s keep their blood pressure down.

  3. Starflight – The plane that couldn’t land (1983) starring Lee Majors ain’t much better either. Most hilarious is the transfer of passengers to a Space Shutle using a simple hose while in low earth orbit….

  4. Flightplan, with Jodie Foster, was one of the worst movies of any genre. All of the Airport movies after the original sucked very hard. I was shocked to learn Mayday was written by an airline pilot. It was less plausible than Santa.

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