Happy Thanksgiving, 2014

Today we’re watching the Seattle Seahawks…Go Hawks!

We’re off until Monday.

8 Comments on “Happy Thanksgiving, 2014

  1. All my US contacts are bowing out, excusing themselves; family time! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you over there.

  2. Noooooooooo!!!!!

    From where do I get a true insight until you’re back?

    Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes from Europe!

  3. Not a hawks fan, or more accurately not a Caroler fan. Wheels coming off the wagon (they got so many breaks last year, that comes back in spades though it got them a super bowl victory)

    I did find the players interview pretty funny though, the one with cardboard player cutout. Good humor and dissed the NFL wonderfully.

  4. Not an SFO fan anymore either (a bit complicated, years back as SFO was the nearest team, AK was supposed to support them.

    Not being prone to dong what people outside of work tell me I have to do, I rooted for LA (who were pretty good)

    Then Seattle got the Seahawks and we were supposed to root for them, hmmm. About that time SFO got their act together, Francieanie took over the Rams and they went into the toilet and I shifted to SFO

    I had not realized SFO was playing, loosing 13 zip right now. Ok with me, I don’t follow it much anymore, too many outsize egos and me first and “I decided to carry the team on my back, yea right, you had a good day, do that for a season and …..)

    Still left my heart in Greenbay as that was the families original home turf and the grandparents on one side were bit Packer fans (and Bucks so we rooted for them as they were fine folks and it was fun). Will see how they do against the Patriots this weekend, ergh, not a match up I want to see short of a super bowel.

    commentary over, about time for dinner, rib roast is not cooperating.

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