ATR: We’re confident in the future of turboprops

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By Judson Rollins


Executives from turboprop manufacturer ATR expressed optimism about their product range and the future of turboprops in general at last week’s Singapore Airshow.

According to industry databases, ATR has 52% of the market for 30+ seat turboprops in service and 63% of 70+ seaters. It competes primarily against De Havilland Canada’s DHC-8 family. The ATR-72 accounts for nearly two-thirds of ATR production. Both models are produced on a single assembly line.

However, ATR dominates the backlogs by a wider margin.


  • ATR touts advantages of the ATR-42 and -72 family;
  • Special performance capabilities of the ATR-42 are key for developing markets;
  • Adapting aircraft capabilities to stay ahead of revitalized DHC-8 competitor;
  • Not looking to compete with regional jets in the 70+ seat space.

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