“Air Wars” makes Top 10 book list of Royal Aeronautical Society

Dec. 22, 2021, © Leeham News: Air Wars, The Global Combat Between Airbus and Boeing, by LNA’s Scott Hamilton, yesterday was placed on the Top 10 Aerospace book choices for Christmas 2021 by the Royal Aeronautical Society. The Society is one of the world’s most prestigious aerospace organizations.

While second in the listing, the Society doesn’t rank the books.

Air Wars is currently rated No. 1 of the 15 Best New Aerospace eBooks To Read In 2022 by Book Authority.

The book is available here.


13 Comments on ““Air Wars” makes Top 10 book list of Royal Aeronautical Society

  1. Thoroughly interesting read, recommend it to anyone interested in Commercial aviation.

  2. I’m enjoying reading my copy!

    It’s a really good illustration of the power of a successful technology / engineering / industrial strategy linked to and driven by a sales strategy. It’s been played out over decades, but having it condensed for us into a single reading of this book really is an eye-opener.

  3. I have a try through our Inter Library system. Gets us access to lower 48 library participating.

    • Kudos as well for Scott. I want to buy it, as my library doesn’t have it, but damn ordering from Amazon, it won’t happen. Perhaps down the road it will be available from independent bookstores. But, well done Scott from what I’ve read about your book.

  4. I wished this book as christmas present, and I got it. Havent had time yet to start reading, but I really look forward to it 🙂

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