Analysis: Washington may be best state for aerospace; it needs to get better

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By Bryan Corliss

March 2, 2023, © Leeham News – The AeroDynamic Advisory’s latest Aerospace Competitive Economics Study is out, and while its findings were overshadowed by the comments the firm’s two managing directors made about Boeing that week, there is good data in the report that should be acted upon. 

The Washington State Capitol in Olympia.

Particularly if you’re a Washington state lawmaker concerned about the long-term future of your state’s economy. 

Washington remains the most-competitive state in America for manufacturing aerostructures and final assembly of aircraft, AeroDynamic determined. It finished ahead of Texas, but while Texas was ”impressive,” it was still “well behind Washington in its overall competitiveness,” the report says. 

However, when you take a deeper dive into the numbers, there are some clear gaps in the Washington state game. With the state’s Legislature currently in session in Olympia, it’s our hope (as parochial residents of the Evergreen State), that somebody puts this report in front of policy makers, and that it motivates them to take action this year.

  • Taxes, incentives aren’t pressing issues
  • Spend more on roads and rails
  • Lower building costs by spreading the cluster
  • Invest more in research, education

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