Embraer’s EVE brings some reality to UAM/eVTOL sector

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By Scott Hamilton

Dec. 18, 2023, © Leeham News: There are hundreds of “alternative energy” concepts under study for commercial aviation and a new air taxi industry. Most will fail to prove technically feasible or obtain the funding required to successfully bring the ideas to market and production.
A few concepts are based on reality. EVE is one of them.

EVE is an air taxi concept floated by principal owner Embraer.

Embraer's EVE urban air mobility vehicle. Credit: EVE.

During a media briefing last month, Johann Bordais, EVE’s CEO, said the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) concept for EVE is a spin-off from an idea Embraer had in 2017. EVE was later spun off, while Embraer retains a majority stake.

“We became independent because we understand that we need to be agile, and go faster because the air mobility revolution was happening already,” Bordais said. “We needed to get moving. We also needed to get some funds and that's why we also had a SPAC and we merged with Zanite.” SPAC stands for Special Purpose Acquisition Company.

EVE went public on May 10, 2022. With added funding, EVE began production earlier this year of the prototype.

Bordais said Embraer’s 54 years of legacy sets EVE apart from other concepts.

“It's about knowing what we're talking about. It's not about just having prototypes flying around the cities. It's about the whole ecosystem,” he said. “It's about also the know-how.”

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