Boeing Financial Analysis – Inventory Q1 2024

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By the Leeham News team

April 29, 2024, © Leeham News: The Boeing Co (BA) released its financial results on April 24 for the first quarter of this year. BA relies heavily on Program Accounting to determine what amount of expenses are to be deducted against income, which is a major feature of the system.

The company also reveals the latest information about deferred program balances. This is closely related to Program Accounting.

A Quick Primer

Boeing describes program accounting in its financial statements:

Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) develops, produces, and markets commercial jet aircraft principally to the commercial airline industry worldwide. Revenue on commercial aircraft contracts is recognized at the point in time when an aircraft is completed and accepted by the customer.

With respect to each of our commercial aircraft programs, inventoriable production costs (including overhead), program tooling and other nonrecurring costs, and routine warranty costs are accumulated and charged as cost of sales by program instead of by individual units or contracts.

Source: Boeing Financial Statements

As such, expenses reported for the sale of aircraft during the reporting period are not what was paid, but what BA estimates the average cost will be over the remaining orders and aircraft to be sold. Any overages are noted as an increase in Deferred Production Costs and are held in Inventory.

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