FAA, Boeing 787 review press conference 9:30am ET

MORE to come….

7 Comments on “FAA, Boeing 787 review press conference 9:30am ET

  1. Wondering what tone of voice Boeing and FAA will show.

    Boeing did want to avoid this at all cost. Just yesterday they told the world everything was normal and under control. No doubt they’ve changed the approach, will see this differently, positive no doubt. Anything that limits the damage.

    The stakes are high.

    FAA doesn’t want to harm anyone, but is accountable and no doubt is under pressure from all sides (congress, jobs, US #1 exporter, everyone with stake/stock) but must avoid loosing credibility by looking embedded / cooperative.

    • The responses from the Boeing Rapid Response Team in various fora were an interesting read in the past days.

  2. WSJ says

    [quote]—marks the first time in recent years that the agency has gone back to reassess the safety of specific systems in a jetliner already in revenue service.[/quote]

    Will anybody be doing a live feed on this?

  3. Uwe :
    The responses from the Boeing Rapid Response Team in various fora were an interesting read in the past days.

    Boeing Rapid Response Team in fora.. is that a thing? Just kidding its very much a thing..

  4. I doubt the FAA will pull the certification if they think Boeing has a good handle on the problems. The last time I can recall the FAA pulling a commerical airplane certification was around 1979 and the airplane was the DC-10.

    • They would not pull the certification unless there was a crash. The normal procedure is to issue an AD first. But the FAA review is over and above that, and we can expect a string of AD to come out of it later on.

  5. This all seems quite… Odd. As you say nothing concrete about inspections of batteries and associated systems even though one has combusted and faulty wiring was found on another. I just get the feeling that there is something that we are not being told, like maybe this excersise is being set up to ‘discover’ something that FAA, Boeing or customers already know or suspect.

    Oh and how did this thing get certified with no fire detection or supression in an electronics bay that handles 1.5MW of power and sits underneath the passenger cabin consdering that the bay experienced a fire during certifcation?

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