Great analysis of impact of tanker loss

The Puget Sound Business Journal in Seattle has a superb report today on the impact to Boeing (with focus on Puget Sound) of the loss of the tanker contract.

Reporter Steve Wilhelm surveys local Boeing suppliers who work on the 767 program and finds out that, despite to histrionics and hand-wringing by the politicians, the impact won’t be all that much. (Boeing, notably, has said that losing the tanker contract won’t matter, either from a financial perspective.)

This story is worth the read. Not that it will quell the crying from the politicians, and in partiular Sen. Patty Murray and US Rep Norm Dicks. They should be embarrassed.

1 Comments on “Great analysis of impact of tanker loss

  1. Nothing to be embarrassed about, Scott. Standing up for your contituents’ best interests is critical for any political leader. And in my view this was definitely a political decision.

    The awarding of this particular contract to EADS has the odor of political favoritism to the southern block of the Republican party.

    Hopefully the Democrats will make the great patriot McCain squirm a little and prevent this monstrous bribe from being funded.

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