Leeham Co. website updated 4/15

Our Corporate Website has been updated for this week. We discuss what’s perceived by many as Boeing’s scorched earth approach to its protest over the tanker award to Northrop Grumman; and we expand our previous discussion on the financial impact of the delays for the Boeing 787.

We also have documents from Boeing related to the tanker protest.

2 Comments on “Leeham Co. website updated 4/15

  1. Do you think the agressiveness of Boeing’s Tanker protest has anything to do with their continued problems being on the receiving end of CSAR-X protests?

  2. Nope, this is all about Airbus. From Boeing’s perspective, this has nothing to do with Northrop Grumman, jobs, the better airplane or the warfighter. It’s Airbus, Airbus, Airbus.

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