Profile on Boeing’s McNerney

The Wall Street Journal’s Lynn Lunsford has a good piece on what Boeing’s CEO, Jim McNerney is doing about the 787 and KC-X and how McNerney views things at the moment. It’s a rare interview granted by the low-key McNerney.

Speaking of the tanker, Northrop Grumman, in one of its e-blasts, cites a National Journal story suggesting Boeing is willing to spend an eye-popping $250 million to overturn the tanker decision. Boeing denies the figure. The story may be found here.

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  1. Scott,

    We love you, and we’ll be the first to say it is sometimes hard to figure out fact from fiction on the tanker debate, but have to be kidding us.

    Northrop sends out an e-bast stating the $250 million number and the source for it is an article that says the number comes from “Sam Adcock, senior vice president of government relations at EADS North America [and] Northrop spokesman Randy Belote”.

    Totally unfounded NG/EADS planted misinformation.

    You’re right about the Journal piece though.

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