30 month delay on 787?

Flight International reports that Royal Jordanian Airlines believes its order for Boeing 787s could be as much as 2 1/2 years late. Monarch Airlines is also reported to be thinking its 787 orders could be 30 months late, but this one as yet is unconfirmed.

New, 0950 AM PDT: Flight International’s affiliate Air Transport Intelligence reports Lan Chile expects a two-year delay in its 787 deliveries. Writes ATI: “With regards to the delivery schedule of the Boeing 787,” says LAN CFO Alejandro De La Fuente, “It is likely there will be significant delays estimated around two years.”

For all the confidence Boeing expressed on its program update call about its revised schedule, outlining a 15-month delay, it’s becoming clear that its customers are unconvinced. The question for Boeing is how does it deal with the continued skepticism?

New, 120 PM PDT: Boeing issued this press release about the fifth 787 entering final assembly, with some detail about the reduction in traveled work.

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