Airbus still leads orders, barely

Airbus and Boeing have updated their orders for April (Boeing through April 29, Airbus for the entire month) and Airbus maintains a slight lead over Boeing for net orders, 397 to 346, year-to-date.

But the Airbus tally doesn’t reflect what’s happened to the 65 orders for Skybus Airlines of the US, which has ceased operations following bankruptcy. If these show up as canceled in the May tally, Boeing will almost certainly for ahead for the month.

Boeing has 236 net 737 orders for the year; Airbus has 300 net A320 family orders.

Boeing has two 747 orders vs. three A380s.

Boeing has no 767 orders vs. Airbus’s 57 A330 orders (11 of which are freighters).

Boeing has 30 777 orders vs 32 A350-900s and 0 A350-1000s.

Boeing has 79 787 orders vs 15 A350-800s.

It’s been pointed out to us that the A330 competes with the 787 as much as it does with the 767, because the 787 is designed to replace the 767 and the A330 seating capacity is similar to the 787. If one accepts this thesis, and there’s certainly merit to it, then the category stacks up this way:

767-767F/787 orders, 79, vs A330P (46), A330F (11) and A350-800 (15), or Airbus total 72.

Boeing single-aisle airplanes: 235, twin-aisle: 111.

Airbus single-aisle: 300, twin-aisle and wide-body cargo: 107 (minus 10 A318s).

Boeing’s YTD orders have a mix of 32% twin-aisles and 68% single-aisles.

Airbus’s product mix is 26% wide-bodies and 78% narrow bodies.

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