Week 1, Boeing-IAM strike

For the duration of the IAM strike against Boeing, we’ll divide updates into weeks (Week 1, Week 2, etc.). Any special, breaking news will be its own posting. The Weekly updates probably will consist of linking significant news stories but may also include any tidbits we pick up.

Update, September 10:

Washington Post: Outsourcing key to strike.

Seattle Times: Outsourcing key issue; economic issues not insurmountable.

Update, Tuesday, Sept. 9:

New York Times: Boeing strike dynamics changed.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: 1986 strike averted with bluff.

Defense Industry Daily: DID has this lengthy story about the potential impact of the IAM strike on a variety of programs.

Associated Press: IAM strike fund good for six months.

Associated Press: Suppliers look for silver lining in strike.

Outsourcing is a key strike issue for the IAM. Marketwatch has this story reporting that an analyst thinks outsourcing will help Boeing recover from the strike within six to nine months if the strike is 60 days or less.

Fitch says Boeing’s ratings and cash flow can be affected by a long strike but Boeing will recover once the strike is over.

Update, Monday, Sept. 8:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Interview with the head of the IAM.

Business Week: Why isn’t Airbus on strike?

Update, Sunday, Sept. 7:

Wall Street Journal, Outsourcing crux of Boeing strike.

Wall Street Journal, Strike may cost $100m a day.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer, No sign of talks.

Reuters, Global Supply Chain for Boeing.

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