Week 2, IAM-Boeing strike

As the Boeing strike enters Week 2, we continue our “media watch” for continuing coverage.

September 14:

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: BCA President Scott Carson hopes talks will resume in a “couple of weeks” and a settlement will come shortly thereafter. The P-I’s James Wallace also has a Q&A with Carson.

Reuters: Boeing’s CEO gambles on strike.

September 13:

Forbes: Analyst predicts additional 3-6 mo 787 delay before the strike. The headline of the story is about the strike lowering demand for titanium. Yeah, fine. What caught our eye is the additional delay in the program. Boeing CFO James Bell told a Morgan Stanley conference the program delay should be one day-for-one day. Which means either others are looking for a long strike (we only hear 4-6 weeks and Bell would be happy with only a month) or there are deeper issues in the 787 program.

Business Week: This magazine predicts a two month strike.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Obama rips McCain on outsourcing.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Boeing’s Carson confident of settlement.

Marketwatch: IAM strike may be hurting themselves. This is a good analysis with a good illutration of where parts of the 787 are built.

Aviation Week: This is a good summary of the stand-off between IAM and Boeing.

1 Comments on “Week 2, IAM-Boeing strike

  1. Something does smell fishy on the 787 line. It sounds like Boeing is not at all concerned about a month long strike and in fact may have welcomed it as an excuse to cover 787 schedule slip.

    Considering the number of airlines that have requested narrow body delivery deferments, Boeing’s other lines may not be greatly impacted by a thirty day strike.

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