25 more 787s canceled

Boeing’s weekly orders update shows another 25 787s have been canceled, bringing the total net cancellations for this aircraft to 57 so far this year.

The latest customer is not identified.

Update, May 8: Our colleagues at FlightGlobal have the story of who the customer is (which is why we could not say, because of our affiliation with Flight’s Commercial Aviation Online, and we could not break the news ahead of them). We expect them to publish as early as today but more likely next week. Watch their website (or their premium affiliates or Flightblogger–we’re not sure just which entity will break the news).

As for us, we’ll be at Airbus in Europe next week getting briefings and talking with executives. Watch for periodic postings next week on no particular timetable.

Update, 9:25 AM: Flightblogger just posted.

5 Comments on “25 more 787s canceled

  1. Any guesses as to who cancelled? Speculation on the “Aircraft-Orders” forum is that it’s one customer–probably a lessor, or lessor wannabe…and not ILFC.

  2. Flightblogger has info that suggests it is part of a 42 aircraft order. According to the table in Wikipedia, the only one with 42 aircraft is American Airlines.

  3. John (from May 8), AA has not actually converted its intended order into a firm contract, pending (as announced at the time) satisfactory outcome with its pilot contract. The 42 undisclosed 787 orders did not include AA. The customer who canceled is not AA.

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