Blaming labor oversimplifies: Fancher

Scott Fancher, the head of the Boeing 787 program, told the Charleston (SC) Business Journal that blaming labor for Boeing’s consideration of siting a second 787 production line is over-simplifying the issue.

The business paper wrote:

“Fancher said it is no secret that Boeing needs a second assembly line, but he was vague about the company’s site plans. He noted that the Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer has eyed the Southeast, and will continue to explore all options.

“To suggest that decision would be motivated by labor issues is “really oversimplifying,” Fancher said. But any company, he said, is wise to diversify its risks as it relates to matters that could shutdown production.”

Here in Seattle, the entire focus in the last few days of Boeing’s decision where to put Line 2 has been on the IAM and its 57-day strike last fall. We’ve been saying labor is only one part of the decision Boeing will make; other issues are competing business climates between Washington, South Carolina and Texas; and the rock-solid philosophy of Boeing CEO Jim McNerney to outsource (for a variety of reasons).

Fancher’s interview with the Business Journal touches on a variety of topics.

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  1. The “rock-solid philosophy” of Boeing CEO Jim McNerney to outsource seems to be Pillsbury doughboy soft so far.
    BA down nearly 17% IN 17 DAYS WORTH OF SOFT.

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