Boeing files permits for SC for new assembly building

Boeing has filed for permits in Charleston (SC) to clear more than 80 acres of forest to make way for an assembly site and delivery center, taxiways and related stuff. The building would be 720,000 sq. ft. Boeing wants to begin clearing in November and be done by February. Boeing now owns 240 acres in Charleston, with the recent acquisition of the Vought facility and the previous purchase of 50% of Global Aeronautica there.

Here is the story from the local Post and Courier newspaper. The newspaper has this quote from a Boeing spokesperson:

Boeing spokeswoman Candy Eslinger said today that the permit request is “just a procedural step.”

“It does not mean the company has decided to locate a second line in North Charleston,” she said. “The filing was necessary because the permitting process is very comprehensive and requires a lot of lead time.”

For comparison, the Everett plant is on 98.3 acres and the building is 4.3 million sq feet.

3 Comments on “Boeing files permits for SC for new assembly building

  1. The game Being played is obvious.


    Well there are supposedly other sites under consideration. Where are those permit applications?

    They don’t exist because Boeing created the existential Charlston threat, and it is now playing that hand to the fullest. It’s all S.C. baby, all the time.

    They could have made it look better to permit in TX, NC, or wherever, and be a little more convincing to the skeptical, but there aren’t enough of us skeptics around to warrant the trouble. No, throwing Charlston in our faces is enough to have most of Boeing’s target audience for this horror show crying for mommy.

  2. It is September 30th. If Boeing wishes to begin clearing in November, then the permit request is not a “procedural step.” In order to begin land clearing in at most two months, Boeing has probably already requested and received bids for the clearing work from local construction firms.

    If Boeing does open a second 787 line in Charlston, how will that affect the attitude of Boeing supporters in Congress vis-a-vis the KC-X?

  3. TUI Travel has cancelled 10 Boeing 787 orders
    —————————————————— has a corresponding notice.

    On September 29th, TUI Travel has cancelled 10 out of the 23 Dreamliners which the tour operator had on order.

    The company became one of the first European customers for the 787 when First Choice Airways – with which TUI subsequently merged – committed to the type in 2004.

    TUI Travel said, they had been in extensive discussions with Boeing and that both parties agreed to cancel 10 of the 23 787 aircraft that TUI had on order.

    In my view, TUI simply wanted to avoid getting some of those early aircraft with patches on the wing-to-body-joints.
    In essence, this would indicate that those early 787s are unmerchantable.

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