How SC won the Boeing deal

This 5-page story (when printed out) picked up by several SC newspapers tells how Boeing selected Charleston for Line 2 and it paints a very different picture than the one in the previous post of the Everett Herald story.

One key item that will be of interest to Washington officials: Boeing held last minute negotiations with SC for an incentive package while keeping Washington in the dark, maintaining that incentives were an issue.

The Seattle Times’ Sunday (Nov. 1) edition has the following special reports, totaling 10 pages when printed out:

SC decision transforms Boeing’s relationships with WA, labor unions.

Sen. Murray won’t be “as inclined” to help Boeing. Gates’ report supports the Everett Herald version of how the selection unfolded.

Boeing to get second 787 line, briefly.

The Everett Herald Sunday has this additional piece, Signs were clear Boeing isn’t tied to location.

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